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Did someone find a game in the Student Lounge?

*sighs* Oh, where should I begin?

Well, I didn't notice it until a while ago. But, it seems I have lost something that is very valuable to me, something that is very close to my heart. It saddens me that I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find it.

The last thing I can think of is having brought my GBA game pak to school (Monday through Friday of last week). I always brought it, along with all my other games.

Last week (I'm not sure which day it was exactly), I was in the Student Lounge of AIP, and I apparently lost something that I believe is very important to me.

However, I worry that I may not get it back, since it is indeed a GBA game. Most likely, I was in a big hurry to leave, and I just left the game lying on the table there (and the game was probably still in its case too). I am very forgetful, and I really wish I weren't like that.

Of course, I am not ashamed to say that the GBA game in question is my Pokemon Ruby version (to further identify it for you, my character's name is LISA and my particular game pak has a Mew on it, along with other Pokemon that you can't-normally-get in the game).

This is one of my most treasured games, for I have beaten the game (in terms of 'having won against the Elite Four'), I have played the game for countless hours, and most importantly I've trained my Pokemon to the fullest extent that I could. Also, you may not even be aware of this or know anything about it, but on June 10th, in Pittsuburgh there will be a Pokemon National Video Game Championship which will be held at the Century III Mall. I am planning on entering that championship as well.

So now you can see why this is so important to me. If you found my game, or you know someone who did manage find it, please let me know either by calling me or sending me an email. I would HIGHLY appreciate you returning this game to me.

My phone number is: 412-969-1739

My email address is: LisaML@charter.net

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Nevermind everyone (lol). XD

I FOUND IT!! YAY!!!! ^^

As it turns out, it was in a pair of jeans that I had worn the other day. So when I looked in one of the pockets, there it was!

I'm so happy now!! =D
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