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this is a long one, i apologize beforehand.

so, hi.

my name's Sam. i'm actually currently a sophomore-to-be at Pitt, double majoring in Sociology and Psychology. so why in the hell did i come here, you ask?

i went into Pitt thinking i was going to be a Psych major, and like 75% of all Psych majors, i'm really questioning it. i think a lot of Psych is honestly bull, and it's becoming way too scientific for my liking. so i added on Sociology and a certificate in Women's Studies, both of which i'm madly in love with. i decided to keep Psych as one of my majors, simply because saying i have a degree in Psych would help me, well... help people. which is what i love to do. i then planned on going for my Masters in Sociology. BUT, the problem is 80% of Sociology majors, even those that have Masters in the field, end up in human resources departments.. which would make me go nuts. the other option is staying for my PhD so i could teach, but the fact of the matter is that i don't think i'd want to be in school for that long. i love learning, but i have other goals and plans for my life that going for my PhD would interfere with.

so needless to say, i'm doing a sort of reevaluation of my goals and interests.

which is why i'm here.

i was on the yearbook staff all throughout high school, and was the editor my senior year--and i absolutely loved everything about it. during my freshman year of college all of my projects for classes consisted of publication-type projects that i would really get into. i'm a huge photoshop fan, always manipulating my own pictures, and really loved using pagemaker in high school. and i could definitely see myself doing this as a career, for magazines, advertisements, etc etc.

so here i am. a 4-year college kid with not a clue as to how art schools work and not even sure what in the hell my major at an art school would BE given my interests. i'm thinking Graphic Design. can any of you suggest any other programs/majors/whatever that would concentrate even more on what i want to do? have info/comments on AIP's Graphic Design program specifically?

what about AIP in general? like i said, i go to Pitt, and i'm in love with the city of Pittsburgh, which is why this is one of the schools i'm looking at more thoroughly. what about housing? the people that go to AIP? the quality of professors and/or classes in general? any general art school info/suggestions that would help me?

i don't know if this matters, given it's specifically an AIP community, but my hometown is actually about 45 mins from Philadelphia. any info/comments on the AI of Philly?

ANY help is appreciated. thanks tons in advance.
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